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I was trying to make a vintage photograph – something that looks worn and old however as i was trying to achieve the desired look by trial and error i accidentally came up with this one and i think i like it better than a vintage photograph so i decided to stop right there. I like it because it looks like that the flower was splashed or splattered with a cup of coffee…hehehe…No offense meant for nature lovers…it’s just an art…in fact, i am a nature lover myself. And no worry, there was no actual splattering or splashing of coffee…hehehe…i have the original and unedited copy of this picture. Just let me know if you want to see the real one.



Once a piece of beauty.
Thy smell is like a thousand perfume.


death pass

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I did this on a rush early this morning. My original plan was to create another abstract art however with a colorful note but i ended it this way. Isn’t it funny? But i really love it… Now i’m getting the hang of a real artists…hahaha…and an aspiring writer too…hahaha

“Death Pass”

Anybody who dared to pass this thick wall made of rusted iron never came back. It is said that behind this walls are creatures of the unknowns hungry for flesh…and blood.

empty room

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This is my first ever work of art – if you can call it such…hehehe…I used photoshop CS in creating this. I only combined different brushes and added a few effects and there it goes…I even can’t remember the steps i did before coming up with this one last night. It was sort of an on the spot art-making contest. But this one is very simple and i believe anybody can do this 🙂

As far as i know, every art has a name so i’ll be naming this as “Empty Room” because surprisingly I can see an empty room…can you see it?…hehehe…just use your imagination 🙂

freedom wall

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Freedom Wall will be my official art blog. I’ll be posting here my personal masterpieces. I named it freedom wall because anything that will be posted here will plainly be a product of my own thoughts and imagination. I will apply no rules nor standards in creating these stuffs. So sit back and relax 🙂